Harvest School

P. Ravi Maruth ( Correspondent )

Dear Students

 1. Be Friendly and

2. Children you, feel free here

3. Behave to clarify your doubts

4. Speak pleasantly and politely. Never be angry with anyone.

5. Try to participate in as many activities as possible.

Learn new things

Dear Parents,

1. Listen to your children and guide him observe school discipline

2. Send the children neat and tidy to the school

3. Feed them well let them carry nutrient food only

4. Check their bags now and then to know whether they are carrying tools that they needed

5. Talk to them and know how he learns in the school


1. Be friendly to make the pupils free to express their feelings

2. Appreciate the children whenever they do something good to boost up their courage and confidence for better learning

3. Never be harsh and resort to abusing on trifles reasons

4. Make them learn good habits like punctuality and loyalty

Harvest School

Mrs. Parvathi Reddy ( Principal )


1. Children, be regular to school. Parents send them on time

2. Listen to your teachers and obey their instructions. Guide the children to obey the teachers

3. Ready to receive and reproduce, parents should make children listen and write what they are taught

4. Do your work both at school and home properly .Observe their work

5.Participate you might and interest in both cocuricular and extra curricular activities for the acquisition of special skills and sound health


1.Make the children move in (queque) rows.

2.Let them avoid pull and push and shout.

3.Keep them clean and green their belongings ,class rooms and surroundings too

4.Make them feel scholl as their home

5.Let them feel homely atmosphere by being friendly

6.Be patient to listen to them and set right smoothly the problem they faced

7.Be prompt at your work

8.Negotiate with your collegues for the around development of children

9.Provide remedial teaching to those that needed

10. Encourage the gifted children to reach the new heights