Harvest School


Harvest has developed a programme which is not just another entrance exam foundation course but a programme to build a confident student who can excel in any testing environment. This we call as Scholastic Excellence Program or in short SEP.The program has been designed to enter in any class between VI to X and run as a separate section. Well trained highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty of corporate level will take up this responsibility under the guidance of our visionaries.


A three stage instruction system in teaching each topic ensures that the student is never burdened. Common Minimum Porgramme, the first stage will ensure that every student has a minimum understanding of key concepts in that particular topic without confining the boundaries at any specific syllabus like SSC or ICSE or CBSE.This helps them enlarge the breadth oh their Knowledge and scope of learning.

In basic applications program the second step, experimentation, observation and inference go on in a systematic way through learning by doing method. Thus the self confidence the child is enhanced has he applies his analytical and reasoning skills to solve the problems. In this process the child acquires command on the content. Once the student is confident about the basic and their application he takes the third stage, Target Oriented Programme .Here targeted training in the topic will be given based on the different exams the student is preparing for, like IIt, NTSE, Olympiad etc.

During this whole process a continuous and comprehensive evaluation goes on through several tests in a new way. That is holding of tests in the field of affective domain too in addition to cognitive and psychomotor. The level of achievement is brought to your notice regularly.